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The 2017 World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine

The 2017 World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine is coming to Toronto, Canada April 25-28, 2017!

The World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine is a multidisciplinary professional association whose mission is the global improvement of pre-hospital and emergency health care, public health, and disaster health and preparedness. 

In 2013 at the Manchester, England World Congress, Dr. Laurie Mazurik and Alice Au from Tourism Toronto, presented the winning bid, beating out Vienna, Milan, Toulouse, Adelaide and Mexico City. The Toronto Team’s Goals:

  • Advance the frontier of disaster and emergency medicine through scientific research
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge between multiple disciplines, cultures and countries

The Local Organizing Team, lead by Dr. Laurie Mazurik and Trevor Hall, invited participants from around the world to help build the congress. The result: Over 20 Web Linked Teams who have built an unprecedented program with increased interprofessional diversity (from medicine to ethics), over 500 abstract presentations an 40 workshops! Supported by Erin Downey WADEM Congress VP and International Conferences Services, this event promises to be one of the most successful congresses in years. WHO, International Committee of Red Cross, MSF, multiple public health agencies and other major organizations will be present with frontline participants from around the world. Veterinarian medicine will be present in a robust track, along with new entries Emergency Radiology and Pharmacy.

We invite you to register and meet people from all over the world who have had to deliver Emergency Care in conditions that range from war zones to the most elite health care settings. Listen the perspectives from multiple disciplines from ethicists to mobile trauma teams, and gain new ideas. It's an opportunity to make connections unlike any you have made before! 

To see the Preliminary Program and Register:

Hope to see you there!

Feel free to share the link with others

If you are interested in finding out more: Contact Congress Co-Chair

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