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Group: Technical CBRN

Mission Statement

The Technical CBRN group is to support the collaborative efforts of health care workers (HCW) to develop a standardized approach to the selecting personal protection systems and training in their use.  While some industries such as military, manufacturing and labs, may have tested their personal protective systems in simulated work place settings, health care organizations have been slow to adopt this approach. As a result there are no standardized approaches and little simulated work place testing.

The greatest threat to HCWs are emerging deadly diseases like MERS or Ebola. The outbreak of SARS in 2003, reminds us that HCW in industrialized nations can be caught unprepared for such situations, and the delay in identifying the correct PPE to protect frontline staff resulted in the deaths of some patient care providers. Effective SARS PPE recommendations were achieved by frontline HCW collaborating via-internet to share ideas about what worked. This "crowd sourcing" of ideas proved to be an efficient tool reach the best solutions.

The Mission for this Group is to share ideas related to:
1. A Protected Code Blue Protocol : How to choose Personal Protection for Intubating Patients with High Risk Respiratory Illnesses such as MERS (PAPRs vs Non-PAPRs) ,Team Configuration(MD,RN,RT?), Training(Who, how ) and Ancillary Recommendations 
2. Suit Systems and Facial Protection for Ebola, MERS: Surgical gowns,caps,booties,faceshields vs full body suits and Hoods or PAPR's etc.
3. Personal Protection Rating Systems: That include: a. Fog free facial protection b. Respiratory protection c. Breathability  d. Spray Germ Challenge  e. Simulated Work Place Factors  f. Cost-Benefit
4. Rating Sytems for HCW Training. How do you know if the training works?

Use our "Share One"  "Do One" or Gallery to upload Materials for discussion.

Our collaborative can support Private Collaborative Space as well as needed as long as the work done is ultimately shared openly.

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