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Spray Germ Challenge

We challenge your frontline team to take the "Spray Germ Challenge!" to check out your PPE.
We put on our PPE recommended for MERS and then looked to where it didn't cover us. You can use glow germ or just coloured water or even just icy water mixed with cornstarch. GET CREATIVE! -you will see areas you can work on to improve your protection. 

The Goal is to raise awareness of the hazards of frontline workers who may be faced with treating a person with a high risk infectious disease like Ebola, MERS or the next emerging lethal disease....and why we need better protection and training.


We'll be happy to post the pics on youtube and facebook.
Just send them to

We need to make Protected Code Blue, team training in advanced PPE for high risk infectious diseases -mandatory for the safety of all of us.
Help spread the idea by liking and sharing our youtube trailer below!!
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Twitter: cbrnecc  #SprayGermChallenge

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